D A V I D   K E N D A L L

January 19 - March 15, 2020

Hershberger Gallery


January 26

Opening Reception 2pm

Artist Talk 3:30 pm

The Goshen College Music Center

1700 S. Main St., Goshen, IN USA

Artist Statement

Here in the Hershberger Gallery, you’ll see works of mine that range from pen and ink illustrations, smaller mixed media pieces to recent large-scale mixed media portraits. These 38 pieces have been curated to demonstrate the chapters of my life as an artist through the subjects and materials that have been present in the journey. Some of my favorite materials are Micron pens, Copic markers, Liquitex acrylic mediums and a variety of different types of found and collected papers. 


I enjoy layers. Layers of colors, layers of paper, layers of various art materials. For me, layers both hide and reveal the meaning in the artwork. However, I’m not one to be absolute with explanation. Rather, I hope that people find something meaningful as they view the pieces. 


I make art because it’s something that’s felt natural since I was a child. Now, whether it’s texturing a small pen and ink drawing or adhering pieces of collage to a large mixed media portrait, I often find myself suspended somewhere between reality and dream as I work. I then trust that some of that feeling filters into the work itself and allows the viewer to interpret it. I also have fun with titles, but only enough to give you an entry point into what you see on your own. 


I hope you enjoy the stories I’ve included with some of the pieces in the show. -David Kendall


Poppy Dee

 Mixed Media



Commision Inquire


Morning Visitors

 Pen and Ink on Illustration Board

Framed, 10x10



Self Portrait

 Pen and Ink on Illustration Board

Framed, 17x20


Commision Inquire


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