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“Art is perhaps one of the most powerful ways to communicate and relate with other people. 

Cities that focus on the arts strengthen the heart of their community." - David Kendall


David Kendall is an award winning visual artist, filmmaker, and educator from Goshen, IN. He earned a BS in Art Education from Ball State University and won the prestigious Educator’s Scholarship from the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he holds an MFA in film and television.


Over the last twenty-five years, Kendall has worked as an artist, writer, and arts educator. Throughout this time, he’s developed and taught curriculum for painting, drawing, photography, media arts, broadcasting and filmmaking. His devotion to education is driven by a desire to share skills and experiences with students and community.

He sees art as a powerful way of communicating both ideas and emotions. Whether it’s visual art or story telling in its various forms, he often keeps a sense of humor at the core of his art. Currently, he’s working on a large-scale portrait series and illustrating children’s books out of his studio in downtown Goshen. Kendall also enjoys teaching summer camps in the Goshen Community and working for the River Bend Film Festival.


Kendall is the Director for Career Networks at Goshen College. He and his family enjoy living in Goshen and make efforts to support the arts wherever and whenever possible.

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